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Rules of The Forum

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Rules of The Forum

Post by Kai The Hedgehog on Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:44 am

Welcome to Sonic Fans R Us. We hope you enjoy your stay here on the forums. However, we do have a few simple rules we ask you to abide by.

1 - Be friendly to other Forum users. This is a happy Forum. Let's keep it that way!
2 - Use proper grammar. There's nothing more annoying that reading something that 'iz writen lyk dis'. Of course, we don't expect completely perfect writing, but just so that it can be read.
3 - Try and keep one worded posts to a minimum. It can be pretty boring to other Forum users.
4 - No spamming or trolling. We do not tolerate spamming or trolling of any sort.

Failure to abide by these simple rules will follow this disciplinary timeline:

1 - A polite warning number 1
2 - A slightly sterner warning number 2
3 - A final warning number 3
4 - And finally, if problems persist, a permanent BAN.

Okay, that's the boring rule part over and done with, now goooo! Go and have some fun. Class dismissed! Heheh!

S. D. Hushimo - Forum Moderator.
Kai The Hedgehog
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